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Witness inspection

Our Shop Inspection / Expediting

Our services

  • offer know-how on quality control
  • guidance / supervision to vendors

potential which we have

take advantage on our technologies both of hardware and software grown through manufacturing and engineering

integration technologies on hardware technologies on software

technologies on hardware

  • WPS / PQR of various materials
    carbon, steel cast steel, SUS, titanium, zirconium, tantalum, aluminum, copper, nickel, inconel, monel, high chromium / high nickel alloy etc.
  • case studies of con-conformance which occurred on process of fabrication
  • Various documents(Inspection Procedure, Job Instruction etc.)
  • Know-Hows per each instrument
  • manufacturing procedures
  • case studies of test reports

technologies on software

  • knowledge on law / regulations
    ASME, DIN, BS, AS, API, JIS, High Pressure Gas, Class-1 Pressure Vessel, Electricity Business Law, Gas Business Act, Fire Services Act etc.
  • samples of fabrication / inspection process
  • PIM procedure
  • Know-Hows per each client / country
  • Know-Hows per each plant
  • technical documents on packing / transportation
  • packing inspection manual
  • packing standards per each country

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