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Inspection activities for ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME Code) requirements

"We employs many inspectors who are familiar with ASME Code requirements"

We could support ASME Code inspection activities.
Having good experiences for over 30 years based on manufacturing and inspection of pressure vessels at the factory of ASME Stamp Holder, Kobe Steel, LTD..
Inspectors are familiar with manufacturing and inspection in accordance with ASME Code.
Supporting to various needs regarding ASME Code requirements could be provided including inspection and audit activities.

Followings are our "advantages".

"We could support various needs regarding ASME Code requirements including not only inspection activities but also factory QA system operation."

"We has good experience regarding manufacturing and inspection in accordance with ASME Code."
Supporting various inspection activities could be provided.
(eg. Receiving inspection for materials and parts, NDE, Mechanical test, Dimensional inspection, Hydrostatic test, Calibration of measurement and test equipment etc.)

"We has been engaged in receiving audits for ASME Stamp certification for many years."
As a member of KOBELCO*1, we has been engaged not only in inspections but also in quality assurance / quality control work for many years at ASME stamp holder, Kobe Steel, Ltd. Takasago Equipment Plant (U1, U2, U3 stamp).
Having many experiences in ASME joint review (every 3 years audit).
Having many know-hows of ASME stamp job activities.
(eg. review of drawing, design calculation and WPS/PQR/WQR, qualification of NDE inspector, preparation of NDE procedure, completion of quality records and MDR(Manufacture Data Report), making ASME nameplate and attending witness by AI(ASME Authorized Inspector) etc.)
Could be provided total support for ASME Code activities including not only inspection but also factory QA system.

*1 : "KOBELCO" is the unified brand of the Kobe Steel Group.


  • Inspection of equipments with ASME Code stamp


  • Equipments with ASME Code stamp (ALEX (Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger), LNG Vaporizers, Heavy-Wall Pressure Vessels etc.)
  • If you want more information about manufacturing history, refer to following URL(Home page of Kobe Steel, LTD.).

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