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Non-destructive test

Non-destructive test - Strain test (ST)

Measurement of strain in the internal material

Strain test (ST) is one of non-destructive test, which can evaluate the strain caused by loading of machine or structure. Various machine and equipment is designed and manufactured based on concerning of safety. For increasing of safety, it is important to figure out that how much strain is occurred in there. Strain is calculated by computing simulation. One of purpose of ST by strain gauge is carried out for comparison of both calculated strain and actual strain.
ST also applied for monitoring not only for loading and stress occurred by machine or structure, but also for fatigue and corrosion of structure or machine.

ST is carried out for the following purpose.
1. Measurement of loading condition
2. Measurement of stress condition
3. Measurement of mechanical property of material
4. Measurement of condition of operated machine or structure in use

Currently, various method of ST is developed, while ST by Strain gauge method is popular

The followings are strong advantage of us.

We can not only measure of stress but also measure of remaining life of item, authenticate of it, suggest for improvement of safety of it.
We also can measure of pressure, torque, vibration, temperature and do on. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions for measurement of machine and equipment.

Measurement of stress in bridge and pier
Fig.1 Measurement of stress in bridge and pier
Measurement of remaining life of overhead crane
Fig.2 Measurement of remaining life of overhead crane

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